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Groups at Gateway

At Gateway, we are about real transformation with the real Jesus. We believe one crucial way God transforms us is through the power of community. In fact, community was God's idea from the beginning.

Building community may not always be easy or pretty (in fact, it may not be what we WANT to do)...but it often lays the groundwork for what God cares about most: forming us to become more like Jesus.

We want to offer you a supportive and fun place where you can meet others and grow into who God created you to be. You're invited to explore Groups at Gateway. 😃

Groups FAQs

What kind of groups are there?

There are three types: small groups, classes, and meet-ups. Small groups are where we share life together and grow deeper in our faith, no matter where we are in our journey. Classes are designed to help you grow in a particular area. Meet-ups are a great place to meet others with similar interests.

What do small groups talk about?

Many small groups discuss topics related to the current sermon series at Gateway or choose a book of the Bible to study or another topical study.

How often do groups meet?

Groups typically meet weekly, but this is established by the group and its leaders.

Are groups online or in-person?

Most of our groups choose to meet in person. Some groups meet online or can accommodate participating online. Browse our groups to get details on each one.