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Watch Parties

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Gateway Church Online Watch Parties

Starting Sunday, July 19

What are watch parties?

It’s exactly how it sounds. Gather in a home or in your outdoor space with a few people to enjoy the online worship experience together. It could be your small group or others connected to Gateway in your neighborhood. If you’re comfortable with this format, we hope it will be a good way to have some community and help you grow in your faith.

When are watch parties?

We hope you can join us for the live online services at 10:30AM on Sundays. However, you can choose the time that works best for your group, such as Sunday evenings or even another day of the week.

Consider being a host for a watch party.

Sign up to be a host and invite your friends. Just let us know you want to host by signing up here. Hosts will determine the number of guests at the watch party, as well as the parameters of seating, distancing, wearing masks, and type of space to ensure the comfort of the whole group. Even if you only plan to invite a few friends, please register and let us know you will be hosting. We want to equip you to have the best experience.

I want to join a watch party - how can I do that?

If you’re connected to Gateway groups, see if your leader or others in your group are planning to host. If you don’t know a host and would like to participate in a watch party, let us know here. We will help you get connected.