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Mystery Box Swap

Join the fun and swap mystery packages this summer!

Gateway's Mystery Box Swap

Sign-up week: May 24 – May 31

Assignment week: June 1 - June 8

Swap week: June 14 - June 21

Sign up for the Mystery Box Swap - be entered to win the MEGA Mystery Box!

What is the Mystery Box Swap?

Let's have fun this summer! Who loves getting packages on their door step? We all do! Well, with the Mystery Box Swap, you get to receive a box from a Gateway member and also give one to a Gateway member or family. It's like "Secret Santa" but in the summertime, and it's intended to bring some fun and encouragement to our community.

What is the MEGA Mystery Box?

If you sign up for the Mystery Box Swap, you will be entered to win the MEGA Mystery Box, delivered right to your door. Only if you register!

How will it work?

There are two options: sign up for an individual box (great if you'd like to bless one other person - of any age. Think: a goodie box for a child (you could register your 4 year-old, etc.), a spa box for a mom, a box for a teenager or a single person or young adult). Be prepared to also give an individual box to someone else! Want a box for each of your 4 kids? We’ll match you with 4 boxes to make for 4 others.

Or sign up for a family box. Your family will receive one box and you'll give a box to another family! Think: a family game night, a goodie box, or a family movie night box.

What information will we receive about our assigned recipient?

You will receive your assignment between June 1 and June 8, after sign-up week. You will be informed of the age(s) of the people receiving the box. They will also provide some general interests and any special notes or allergies. You will receive their names, phone numbers, and physical addresses for delivery.

What's the timeline?

Sign up week is May 24 - May 31. This is the week where you can register for the swap!

Assignment week is when you receive your recipient's information, during the week of June 1 - June 8.

Swap week is the week of June 14 - June 21, giving you 2 weeks to build your box. This is when you deliver your boxes!

Will you have suggestions on what to put in the boxes?

Yes, after signing up, you will receive a list of suggested items in case you need ideas! We also suggest you put an encouraging note inside the box as well!

What is the suggested price range for the boxes?

We give a suggested price range as $15-$25 per box.

What about safety?

We will provide all of our registrants will appropriate safety guidelines for being a part of the Mystery Box Swap.

Labeling the boxes:

You will also be provided with a printable label that you can paste on your box to let your recipient know that this is their mystery box.


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