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Coronavirus Updates

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Saturday, March 21

  • Sunday, March 22, March 29, and April 5 have been moved to online services. Stay in touch with us on email or texting for the latest updates.
  • All groups are encouraged to meet virtually or in groups of 10 or less. Please see this list of resources to hold a virtual group.

Tuesday, March 17


  • All groups are encouraged to meet virtually. Leaders, please see this list of resources to hold a virtual group.
  • Gateway Youth Ministry is doing video chats Monday-Friday at 3p.m. starting Tuesday, March 19.

As of Friday, March 13, we have decided to cancel services for Sunday, March 15 and Sunday, March 22. Join us on Facebook Live at 10:30a.m. on Sunday, March 15.

Is Gateway holding services this Sunday?

NO! We are cancelling services this Sunday.  

We’re not making this decision out of fear. Rather, we are trying to be good neighbors by following the intent of our government leaders who have discouraged (and in some places prohibited) groups of over 250 people from meeting. It is their hope that limiting social interaction will stop the spread of the virus. We join them in that hope and let’s pray toward that end. Remember, if you’re on Facebook, follow us here and Instagram here. Also, check our websites: and We’ll be giving updates in all of those places as well as additional resources and thoughts through the week.  

What does this mean?

Please know we are NOT calling off church…we are cancelling our services. But the Church of Jesus Christ, as we often remind ourselves, is a network of people who love one another. We will still be doing that. In fact, over the next week (and subsequent weeks if this continues) we will be praying about and looking for opportunities to connect with one another.

This virus is not a surprise to God. Ultimately, His purposes will be served. Let’s join Him in the adventure of figuring out what opportunities this time presents to us. Let’s be ready for anything, but anxious for nothing.

We will stream a message on Facebook live on Sunday at 10:30! Please join us. We will even be responding to live comments – as best we can! Leave your PJs on and watch us live, or tune in later. It will be posted. Follow us here to get the reminder. 

What will we talk about on Sunday?

Some of you know that Jordan Allen took an extended time away from ALL media and ALL input over the month of January. (It was a personal quarantine before any of us knew that we needed to do so.) He’ll give us one of two observations from that time. Then, we’ll engage in a prayer exercise together. Then, I’ll continue our “Autobiography of God” conversation. I’ve asked some of the staff and a few of the elders to join me. At points, I’ll turn the camera around and ask for their observations or questions as well. As for the singing time, you’ll have to do that on your own.

What are we doing about the virus?

Obviously, we’re trying to comply with the encouragement of our officials and we’re cancelling our services. We also cancelled Gateway Village Children’s Center Thursday and Friday and will be meeting soon to decide about next week.  

Aside from that, we will deep clean our building, upstairs and downstairs, during the break. And we’ll do all in our power to stay on top of that effort and be especially vigilant over the next several weeks. We will make sure toys and sinks and chairs and surfaces are sanitized.  

Apart from that, each of us can be responsible for being careful and practicing good hygiene. We have been rightly reminded by doctors and government officials that during this kind of season, that carefulness is a way of loving our neighbors. Let’s do it.

What about giving? 

Thank you all for your generosity! Some of you already give online. Thank you for that. If you do not give online, this is a great time to get started. To give online, tap the yellow icon in the corner of this page or visit the giving page for all info.

If you’re used to giving in the service and do not want to give online, feel free to mail your contribution to:

Gateway Community Church

42350 Tall Cedars Parkway

South Riding, VA 20152

What about small groups + youth events?

FPU has been cancelled this weekend. Otherwise, each small group will make a decision for itself. However, all classes and groups that meet in the building will either have to cancel or make other arrangements. Obviously, larger groups are more of a risk than smaller ones. Be wise. Be loving. Stay home if you’re sick.  

Updates on Events

Men's Breakfast 3/14 - Canceled

Women's Conference: Fresh Grounded Faith 3/14 - Canceled

"I Still Believe" youth movie outing 3/14 - Canceled

Sight & Sound Youth Experience 3/21 - Canceled

Missions Vision Night - Canceled

Closing Remarks…

Many of you have emailed me with helpful thoughts and concerns. Thank you. This was not an easy decision to make but I believe it is important for us to do our part. We have a congregation that travels extensively, plus we live in an area where the virus has already presented. And we have several members of our fellowship who meet the threshold of caution. We are not afraid, but we want to be socially responsible and we want to participate in the best efforts to prevent the spread. 

Just so you know, the office will be open next week Tuesday through Friday. If you need prayer or you have a specific concern, let us know or you can let our prayer team know here.

Bottom line: I have a green T-shirt that I used to wear all the time. The front says, “Don’t go to church.” The back says, “Be the church.” This is our opportunity to do just that! I just got off the phone with our elders discussing this decision. At the end of the call one of them said, “I want you to know, if someone has a need anywhere any time, I’m going to go. I don’t care if they have the virus or not.” As I said, NOT a decision based on fear!