CentriKid Camp

3rd-6th Grade Students

CentriKid Camp 2019

June 24-28, 2019 • $330


CentriKid is a high energy, intentional, gospel-centered overnight camp for completed by June 3rd-6th graders. Their mission is to help kids experience the time of their lives and learn more about the message of Jesus Christ. This takes place through track times, rec, worship, Bible study, church group time, and a variety of other fun events. CentriKid Camps are committed to providing content that is rooted in Scripture, a safe location, kid-friendly programming, and staffers who are deeply invested in your kids.

Learn more about camp specifics or watch a short video to see if your child is ready for camp.

A minimum deposit of $60 is required at registration. Then you can make payments or pay in a lump sum before June 1. Multi-Student discount of $25/student

Scholarships: We never want financial reasons to hinder someone's ability to participate. Scholarships and payment plans are available. Please email Miss Erin for more details.

Add-Ons Camp Photos, care packages, and videos are available for purchase through this registration site.

Chaperones Both Male and Female chaperones are needed if you are interested please contact Miss Erin for more details

Cancelations The camp doesn't allow you to cancel your registration after May 1. So if for some reason you are unable to go you are responsible for the full cost of camp after May 1.

Track Time Options:

ARCHERY - Unleash your inner archer as we aim to teach you the basics of bows and arrows in this fast-paced and fun track time! (Outdoor)

ART STUDIO - Tap into your creativity as you paint, draw, and craft your afternoon away. (Indoor)

BASEBALL - Hit it out of the park as you learn the ins and outs of this American classic. (Outdoor)

BASKETBALL - Dribble to the left, pass it to the right, and bring it down the court during your time in the basketball track. (Outdoor)

BUILD IT - Put your minds and hands to work as you come together to build crazy and fun contraptions. (Indoor)

CHEERNASTICS - Tumble, dance, and cheer as you learn to encourage others through movement. (Indoor)

CREATIVE DANCE - Discover the art of dance by learning how to put movement to music and present biblical truths in a creative way. (Indoor)

DRAMA - Whether you’re creating a new character or performing a skit you’re sure to have fun in the drama track time! (Indoor)

FLAG FOOTBALL - Huddle up as you learn to tackle various skills, drills, and plays in the Flag Football track time. (Outdoor)

INDOOR GAMES- Escape the sun for a little indoor fun with games that will get your mind and your body moving! (Indoor)

NO BOYS ALLOWED - Circle up with your gal pals in this girls only track time for an afternoon of laughing, chatting, and talking about how God created each of us for a purpose! (Indoor)

OFF THE WALL - You better be ready to jump, duck, and throw. Whether it’s making trick shots or running an obstacle course... this track is off the wall! (Outdoor)

OUTDOOR GAMES - Enjoy some camp classics such as capture the flag and tag in this outdoor track. (Outdoor)

SIGN LANGUAGE - Learn how to communicate the gospel through the skill of American Sign Language (this is a performance track- indoor)

SOCCER - Kick it with your friends while learning how to play soccer like a pro this week. (Outdoor)

SPLISH SPLASH - Cooling down has never been more exciting than with these fun and crazy games in the pool. (Outdoor)

TELL THE WORLD - Learn about missionaries all over the world and how you too can spread the gospel in your own city! (Indoor)

VOLLEYBALL - You can practice that serve or perfect your spike while learning how to work as a team on the court. (Outdoor)

WEIRD SCIENCE - Break out the test tubes for this wacky track time filled with experiments and games that show us the creativity of the God who created the world! (Indoor)

WET & WILD - Slip N Slide your way into this track time as you soak up some fun in the sun with sponges, suds, and water hoses. (Outdoor)