Birthday Box Collection

Donate birthday party supplies for children in need

Birthday Box Collection

KidzTown will be collecting items for Birthday Boxes from March 26 - April 23. Anyone at Gateway can contribute towards these boxes, which will be donated to Western Fairfax Christian Ministries and distributed to children in need. Let’s help them celebrate!

Items Needed:

Cake Mix





8-10 Cup Pack

8-10 Plate Pack

8-10 Napkin Pack

8-10 Silverware Pack


*Generic party items only, no character birthday items, please.

Collection Days:

Sunday mornings March 26 - April 23.

On Sunday, April 30, we will have a Kids on Mission day in KidzTown. Our kids will sort, pack, learn about missions, and learn how to pray over the boxes that they are packing and the families they will impact. Please pray for them as they learn to pray for others.