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Baptism Class: Elementary Kids

Sunday Mornings

Is your child interested in knowing more about baptism?

This class is for students who are interested in baptism. This class will cover what baptism is, what it is not and how to write your testimony in a kid-friendly way. It should also answer any questions they might have about baptism. This class will run the duration of the 11 a.m. worship service.

They must complete this class before being baptized, but they don't have to be baptized after this class. They could come even if they're just interested in baptism.

If after this class you and your child believe they are ready for baptism, I will meet with the child one-on-one to discuss a little more in-depth and we'll schedule a baptism.

The kid's baptism class is free, but you must pre-register so that we have enough supplies and volunteers for the class.