The Glorious Mess

A One-Day Workshop on December 1

We Are a Glorious Mess! - One-Day Workshop

Saturday, December 1 • 9:00-4:30p.m. • Gateway Community church

At an early age we start becoming aware of things around us, and thoughts within us. We get increasingly exposed to images, people, ideas, things and events; some amazing, some confusing and some disturbing. As we imagine ourselves in various situations and exciting dilemmas, we get glimpses of God’s image in us; our capacity for unique impact and relationship. His nature is in our wiring and influences how we picture the promise and beauty of what could be.

But sin is also part of human nature – twisting and distorting that beauty by triggering fear, shame and helplessness.  This leads to our becoming proud, stubborn, unruly, reactive and fearful – often sabotaging our hope. It is as if sin makes paint splatter on our mind’s canvas in a haphazard way (and life just gets messy)! Being human is a complex paradox – a Glorious Mess. And the world is a beautiful but troubled environment for all living things.  But, there is good news!  

Join us for The Glorious Mess workshop where we address human nature in light of God’s glory. Improve your ability to relate and care well for others. Learn more about what God makes available to us, how our nature interrupts...and the rest of the story.

This one-day workshop is for anyone trying to know themselves, the role of pain and suffering in our growth process, and how we can be more loving and free in our relationships. Essentially who we are, and how we relate. We'd love to have you join us!

The Glorious Mess Seminar also serves as the introduction to lay counseling and is perfect for anyone in a relational role (ministry, marriage, parenting, mentoring, etc.) where life seems especially challenging. You’ll walk away feeling more equipped to engage people in meaningful conversations that help lead to change.

Individuals: $95.00

Glorious Mess Alumni: $35.00

Childcare will not be provided.